StemGen Announces Partnership with Niesslein Sustainability Partners


HOUSTON, TEXAS, Dec. 09, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via NewMediaWire — StemGen, Inc. (OTC: SGNI) announces a sustainability alliance with London, England-based Niesslein Sustainability Partners (NSP) for development of a path towards becoming net carbon neutral.

NSP is spearheaded by Tristan Niesslein, who devotes his expertise and passion towards driving positive change and a personal approach in supporting motorsports organizations, companies, individuals, and stakeholders towards sustainability goals.

The partnership is being created between the companies to deliver the following platforms:

·         A full strategy focused on environmental sustainability that encompasses short, medium, and long-term goal setting and operational excellence

·         Setting a policy and approach towards a full Environmental Management System (EMS), which includes a set of processes and practices that allow the company to reduce its environmental impacts, and the operational principles and plans needed for implementation

·         Create an Environmental Policy and Statement for the company

·         Oversee planning the implementation approach and management of its execution

·         Create a template to inspire future generations via D3eSports tournament series

“We are delighted to have partnered with Tristan and his Niesslein Sustainability Partners to steer us in the direction we need to go to be a carbon neutral company,” said Simon Dawson, CEO/President of StemGen Inc. “His expertise and knowledge are top notch and I’m really excited to have him consult us on how to enact their recommendations to get us to that desired goal. The first step will encompass an internal review and audit to measure the carbon assessment of our operations and activities and guide us on ways to reduce to unavoidable emissions and where offsetting is required. The partnerships we have need to be in line with our core goals and inspire future generations with our education, energy, and innovation pillars. I think this will be quite an interesting voyage. I can’t wait to get started so we can begin to make changes to get on track towards being a more sustainable company for the future and be a positive leader for others.”

“From our first phone conversation, it was very clear that Simon and Ian (Dawson) were passionate about their goals and commitment towards making their companies truly sustainable,” said Tristan Niesslein, Founder of Niesslein Sustainability Partners. “Their dedication towards being a mentor and guide to others to become net carbon neutral is what excited me to want to work with them. They truly desire being a driving force for others on their sustainability journey. Our ability to help them further define, deliver and measure that sustainability pathway was a natural fit for a partnership. We see this as a great reach and exploration for future fast environmental change with the StemGen and D3eSports companies in the virtual and real world of motorsports. We believe this is just the beginning of reducing the overall footprint as they inspire others.”


StemGen, Inc. (, a Delaware corporation based in Angleton, Texas, is a virtual to real gaming platform in the motorsports industry.


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