D3eSports Announces Supporting Partnership With United States Esports Federation (USEF)


Houston, TX, Aug. 05, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) D3eSports, a StemGen company, (OTC: SGNI), today announced a supporting partnership with the United States Esports Federation (USeF). The USeF is the official governing body for esports in the USA and a member of the International eSports Federation (IeSF).

The national esports team, USA Esport™, have formed an elite amateur sim-driving unit, referred to as a Driver Task Force (DriverTF). The sanctioning body and the national team are now developing a qualifying process for United States citizens to compete for five driver seats as teammates on the official sim-racing esports team.

As part of the partnership, USeF will utilize D3eSports as a recruiting partner for their new DriverTF game.  D3eSports will host and manage a series of exciting qualifying events, both in person and virtually, across the U.S., bringing together corporate sponsors and universities under a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) program umbrella.

“We couldn’t be more excited to align our D3eSports division with the United States eSports Federation with their Driver Task Force unit,” said Simon Dawson, chief executive officer and president of StemGen. “With all the expertise D3eSports can offer with training and talented players in motorsports esports, it was a perfect match to become a supporting partner with USeF and as a recruiting platform.”

The top USA drivers are expected to compete at global in-person events and virtual tournaments to earn prize money, tournament trophies, and gold medals at domestic and international events. To further demonstrate the sim-driver development program, teammates will also have opportunities to pilot real race cars. 

“When brands analyze esports audience data, the online streaming metrics dwarf most traditional sports – this new sim-driving relationship with D3eSports is perfect for our national efforts as we are looking ahead at the World Sim-Driving Championships in Monaco later this year,” said David Geddes, President of USeF, United States eSports Federation. “Combining D3eSports’ STEM capabilities and connections to our strong esports community will be part of the future of our partnership.”

Additionally, D3eSports will hold racing league events and train esports drivers on USEF competition platforms in order to create a level of racing skill known as “elite amateur”. A prize pool will be offered in addition to simulator set-up training and coaching.

USA Esport’s DriverTF will study and train on many racing games in preparation for variations in-tournament game titles. The organizational structure allows flexible specialized game genre units to be more fluid. Additional fan community support will be provided by existing motorsports fan groups such as United States Race Club, located in Atlanta, Georgia.    

StemGen, Inc. (OTC: SGNI) is a virtual to real gaming platform in the motorsports industry focused on the digital transformation of motorsports, gaming, and education. StemGen manages its operations on a global basis from the corporate headquarters located in Houston, TX. Visit for more information.

United States Esports Federation is the unifying standards, policy, and governance organization for domestic esports; also referred to as a National Governing Body [NGB]. The U.S. national esports team called USA Esport is currently building sponsorship packages for its two game task forces with exciting growth plans for next years’ national team qualifying and selection process designed to attract the best of our digital culture. USEF and its national team have confirmed appearances at the Pan American Esports Cup in Buenos Aires and the World Esports Championships in Bali, Indonesia. 

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