A Family of Brands

Inspiring our future around STEM

One vision

Creating moments of wonder that can change our world

There are moments in life when the human spirit is ignited with wonder, and from this wonder a hope of possibility fills the imagination. When this imagination is paired with knowledge, it can transform into passion. When given equitable opportunity, this passion can change the world.

StemGen is a family of brands working together to create moments of wonder that change our world.

Transforming our future

Using the virtual to impact the real

Inspire the future

Our brand(s) focus



Our immersion brands focus on connecting individuals to STEM through healthy, safe and secure experiences. 



Our education brands bring STEM accreditation and learning through a gamified approach by tapping into youth’s imagination and interest in esports to inspire safe driving values.



Our activation brands serve our Immersion and Education brands to ensure success into a future world of STEM-centered learning and endeavors.